About Us

Our Story 

Risks & Ventures was first conceived as a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and stories about risk management and about business ventures that have interesting or complex risk management implications. 

Challenging a more conventional view that risk management is a technical practice mainly concerned with setting limitations on what we can do both as individuals and businesses, for us the smart use of risk management concepts and techniques is about achieving objectives: in work and in life, corporately and individually, rather than about restricting us.

With this is mind Risks & Ventures was created to appeal anyone who likes to read a thought-provoking content on the topics of business and self-improvement, not just people who deal with risk management issues on a professional basis.

Our Team

The Risks & Ventures team is a group of experienced, mid-career professionals who actively work in diverse risk and venture-related sectors and roles.

We started developing Risks & Ventures because we have a deep interest in the themes and topics that we are writing about and we wanted a mechanism to share some of our ideas and learn new things. We generally quite like our day jobs and don’t plan on becoming full-time bloggers. 

We are international and internationally-minded, and we have studied at some of the world’s leading universities and about half of us have MBAs. We have consistent records of achievement in our respective fields, but consider ourselves to be still “making it” rather than “made it”.

We like to draw lessons from across different professional and academic disciplines and we like the work of people who also try to do this. We see the world in shades of colour not in monochrome.

We are politically-interested and environmentally and socially conscious, but Risks & Ventures doesn’t specifically endorse any ideology, group or party.

Some of us and our contributors would prefer to remain anonymous because this anonymity gives us a little more freedom to express personal viewpoints without these being linked to our work. However at all times any credentials we claim will be accurate, and we have an editorial commitment to clearly state if there is a professional conflict of interest in any content we release. (Please see our editorial policy page for more details about this.)